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27/10/2014Visit of Friends from Afar - A visit that took our work of setting up Human Right Clubs in Schools to the next level
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04/11/2010Nine is mine Campaign


Human Rights Education - Summer Camp in Andhra Pradesh held at PARA-Ravulapalem

at the inauguaral of the HRE AP Summer Camp

The 5-day summer camp for the HRE  teachers and students in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India was conducted from 30th May to 3rd June 2009. Undoubtedly the camp will be etched in the memory of all those who participated. The students requested to conduct more such camps so that more of their friends also could participate. The teachers also exppressed similar feelings. Fr. Thomas Paliithanam was always there at the camp, guiding us to facilitate the smooth running of the camp. The resource team was very much appreciated. The facilitators team also did an excellent job!
The teachers' programme also went on successfully.
In all 111 selected HRE students from the whole of Andhra Pradesh, 52 Teachers
from the various parts of the state and 40 odd NGO Representatives actively participated in the 5 day program held at the Ekalavya Training Centre, PARA - Ravulapalem, East Godavari Dist. The HRE Team comprising Ch.Venkat- State Coordinator , K.Jose - Associate Coordinator with the help of a dozen Bosco Seva Kendra Volunteers and a team of professional resource persons well guided by Fr.Pallithanam Thomas - Director, PARA and the entire PARA Staff was the team behind the successful execution of  camp.

The Student campers had the entire program focussing on their Leadership skills including refusal skills so as to enable them to get back to their schools and efficiently contribute to the formation and managing of the Children's Clubs to take forward Human Rights Education (HRE).

The Teachers were given input on the relation between UNO and HRE, Social Analysis, Counselling as a method to take HRE forward etc., Discussions were held on the different aspects concerning different forms of DISCRIMINATION - the subject of the 3rd Module of HRE.

For more details about the camp click here.

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